Plug series 40 size 4, 8 contacts with hose

This new 90°angeled high temperature resistant hybrid connector series 40 size 4 is assembled with FKM O-ring seals and designed for a maximum ambient temperature of 130° C. The robust and smart 90° adapter allows an easy hose termination with the standardized MK II interface.
The connector can be assembled with fiber optic and two different electrical contact designs.



Series 10 power plug

This power plug series 10 size 6 has one socket contact with Ø 14 mm. It is designed for operating voltages of up to 3 kV AC and a maximum current of 250 A. A special feature is the insulator, which is made of silicone.



Series 22 special pressure hull penetrator

This not mateable pressure hull penetrator for battery charge connection is 90° angled at the outboard side and has a moulding endbell with elastomere-boot. It has a reinforced locking nut and profile sealing rings. The cable cross section is 240 mm2.



Mounting frame for junction boxes and measuring equipment for installation at seabed.

This robust underwater frame was designed to install junction boxes and measuring equipment at the seabed. Flexible cable guides can be adjusted to different cable specifications. By installation of interchangeable counterbalance weights an individual centre of gravity compensation can be realised.



Series 34

The series 34 miniature connectors with robust titanium housing are ideal for harsh environments and underwater applications, also if small design dimensions are required.

Due to the compact dimensions, this series is optimal for small sensor housing. Special welded versions are available. Under advanced environmental conditions, the longitudinally watertight PEEK insulator guarantees high operational reliability.

With the double o-ring sealing in the mating area, high long-term performance is achieved for different applications.



Series 40 with flexible endbell

The combination of the series 40 special hybrid connectors with and a flexible endbell allows to reeldivided cable sets.

The low attenuation level is guarantee in motion and also under high tension load.



Opening ceremony

GISMA extends the production area by 1300m2. After almost one year of construction, the new production hall was officially opened. This created the basis for further growth. Many thanks to the city of Neumünster, the team of architects, craftsmen, service providers and our employees, who have contributed to make the project a success.



Series 64

The service plugs series 64 are designed for easy handling of the charging process of submarines. To cover a wide range of applications the modular pilot contacts are exchangeable. For an easier connecting operation of the eight power cables the connector is equipped with receptacles on the rear side. In addition the entire housing is made of insulating material to protect the operating persons.




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