The GISCONN connector series is designed for applications in pressurised water and is diver mateable. This rugged elastomer connector is a low-cost alternative for underwater operation. To improve mechanical strength, bulkhead receptacles are produced with a metal housing.

Main field of application is:

  • offshore industry
  • naval technology
  • marine research
  • renewable energy
  • industrial applications

Technical specifications:

  • wet mateable
  • max. operating pressure 600 bar
  • operating temperature – 10 °C up to +60 °C
  • plug shell material: elastomer
  • bulkhead receptacle shell materials: marine bronze, titanium or stainless steel – insulator material: neoprene
  • contact arrangement from 2 to 8 contacts
  • operating current up to 15 A
Baureihe Gisconn