Series 71

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The cable penetrator of series 71 are designed for applications in Exd-areas and can be used in water depths down to 50 m. In this design, the cable is placed with a gland inside the penetrator housing and mated on the dry device side with a plastic insulator. Thereby, the cable penetrator enable quick and easy replacement.

An ideal installation system for a large-scale production when the connecting cable should be replaced by qualified staff merely at longer time intervals. For many applications, several housing materials are available.

Main fields of application are

  • industry applications
  • renewable energy

Technical specifications

  • ATEX-approval
  • pressure watertight cable connection using glands
  • o-ring-sealing to the device housing
  • 7 or 12 contacts available
  • dry mating capability insulator inside the device
  • various shell materials available
  • operating voltage max. 750 V
  • operating current max. 20 A





wet pluggable