Cable sets

Cable sets are designed according to the individually customer specification and are delivered with all required tests. In close cooperation with the customer, the connectors are selected and for the particular application and adapted if necessary. Each cable set is marked with a unique part number and a traceability code.

The required cables can be ordered directly from GISMA or can be supplied by the customer. On request, we also offer the qualification.

Main fields of application are:

  • offshore industry
  • naval technology
  • marine research
  • renewable energy
  • industry applications

Technical specifications:

  • PUR or rubber cable jacket material
  • Connectors available in bronze, stainless steel and titanium
  • high pressure watertightness
  • operating voltage max. 6.6 kV
  • operating current up to 1,000 A
  • contact arrangements 3 to 265 contacts
  • test pressure up to 800 bar
Cable Sets