Series 16

The electrical round connectors of series 16 fully meet the requirements of the US-offshore specification API 16D and 17E. The high-pressure tight plug shells are made of high tensile and corrosion resistant titanium. The dry series 16 connectors are specially designed for long-term use and are fitted with the proven insulator principle of series 10.

Under difficult environmental conditions, the longitudinally watertight vulcanised elastomer insulators with patented lip seal guarantee high operational reliability. In addition, the modular series offers both socket and pin insulators for each connector. With the longitudinally tight seal on the connection side, the series 16 is particularly suitable for a hose connection system. System connectors with titanium housing are designed for a 25-year product lifecycle. With a flat thread in the locking sleeve, severe impurities are tolerated.

Main fields of application are:

  • offshore industry
  • marine research
  • renewable energy

Technical specifications:

  • API-conform according to Spec 16D & 17E
  • equipped with 2 API test ports
  • connector front- and rear side longitudinally watertight
  • useable with cable also with oil filled hoses
  • made for rear-side oil pressure
  • open face pressure watertight up to 450 bar
  • test pressure up to 600 bar
  • o-ring, lip and conical sealing in the mating area
  • standard contact arrangements from 7 up to 55 contacts
  • operating voltage up to 300 V
  • operating current max. 15 A
  • delivery with FKM o-rings
  • boot seal fixing box available
  • robust keyway
Baureihe 16 GISMA