Series 10

The electrical round connectors with robust metal housing of series 10 are designed for harsh environments, underwater applications and underwater mating.

Under difficult environmental conditions, the longitudinally watertight vulcanized elastomer insulators with patented lip seal guarantee high operational reliability. System connectors with titanium housing are designed for a 25-year product lifecycle. With an optional gasket in the mating area, the long-term performance can be increased for various applications. With a flat thread in the locking sleeve, severe impurities are tolerated.

Main fields of application are:

  • offshore industry
  • naval technology
  • marine research
  • renewable energy
  • industry applications

Technical specifications:

  • available in bronze, stainless steel and titanium
  • open face pressure watertight
  • wet resp. under water pluggable
  • high pressure watertightness
  • special applications down to 8000 meters water depth
  • lip- and conical sealing in the mating area
  • contact arrangements 3 to 61 contacts
  • operating voltage max. 6.6 kV
  • operating current up to 1,000 A
  • test pressure up to 800 bar
  • robust contacts
  • robust keyway
  • endbells for great cable diameter
Baureihe 10 von GISMA